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Graphic design has always been a very competitive field. Advertising agencies, marketing firms, and the marketing departments in Alta, Wyoming have always relied heavily on graphic designers to create eye-catching promotional materials to help make their business or their clients’ brand unforgettable. Thanks to the rapid rise of interactive media, the field is even more competitive today. Companies face extreme competition as well, so they must remain aggressive and cutting edge. For these reasons, they accept only the best graphic designers. The nation’s academic institutions want to do their part, which is why most have expanded their efforts to cultivate only the best creative talent.

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Steps to Become a Graphic Designer in Wyoming


It never hurts to start early in any field, but it is particularly important when it comes to graphic design. While in high school, students should take classes in art history, drawing, graphic arts and website design. They can put their emerging skills to use designing and producing the school newspaper or yearbook. Graphic design requires a good eye and a creative mind, but also tantamount are the development of solid practical skills and software fluency. The sooner the student begins preparations, the better.


Today, most employers are looking for designers with a more complete and well-rounded education-the kind only a college degree can provide. A certificate in the field, or an associate’s degree, may be sufficient in some cases, but the U.S. Department of Labor reports that fledgling designers are much more likely to land a quality job only after earning a bachelor’s degree. There are currently approximately 300 post-secondary institutions in the U.S. that offer degree programs accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. School options run the gamut from large public universities, to small private colleges, to prestigious art institutes. There are also a growing number of online programs available. Coursework covers a wide range of subjects, such as studio art, principles of design, commercial graphics, web design, advertising and graphics-related computer technology. Classes in marketing and business may be part of the curriculum as well, since designers must be able to compile and submit professional job proposals, and effectively sell themselves to potential clients. Popular Graphic Design Degrees Graphic designers need an education that combines technical and artistic skills. For those planning to go into the field, five popular options are: Graphic Design The most prevalent degree course for aspiring graphic designers, earning a bachelor’s in the field may include courses in art history, design basics and computing. Students will be introduced to the hardware and software used by the professional designers, and studio time integrated into their class schedules for hands-on experience. Illustration While drawing skills are not a requirement for graphic design, those who possess this talent may want to pursue a degree in illustration. These programs allow students to hone their artistic skills, while also taking courses on graphic design and computing. Communications Although not limited to visual communication, these degrees provide a broad knowledge base and teach how humans receive and interpret information. Graphics-minded students enrolling in a communications degree program can supplement their major with elective courses in design and art. Web Design Some schools offer degree programs specifically for those planning a career in web design. These degrees go in-depth into design principles as they relate to the internet as well as digital coding that supports communications.


Not all college programs in graphic design require internships, but those that do offer students an exceptional opportunity to gain practical experience, to form professional relationships in the design community, and complete work suitable for presentation in their portfolio or design “book”.


While a solid resume is an important aspect of any job search, the biggest asset to someone looking for a job in graphic design is an impressive portfolio. Though graphic designers will need a resume, the only way for a prospective employer to understand an applicant’s abilities is through a portfolio demonstrating a range of work and growth as a designer. There was a time when a graphic design portfolio was a simple collection of a designer’s best newspaper and magazine advertisements. Professional portfolios today are much more sophisticated, consisting not only of print ads, but also including online advertisements, website graphics, and even a television commercial reel and animation demo.


Graphic design is a constantly changing and developing field. Designers must keep up with the commercial and artistic trends in the industry�”or they may find themselves quickly left behind. They must also remain current on new and updated computer graphics and design software programs, which are in a near constant state of evolution. This is particularly true for designers working as freelancers, and for those interested in advancing to higher positions within their companies. Organizations such as the American Institute of Graphic Arts or the Graphic Artists Guild provide members with educational updates on new technology, software or methodology. Completing certification programs in vendor-specific design software can also help build credentials.


Graphic designers may choose to advance their skills, creativity and deep knowledge of the field by adding a graduate degree or post-secondary certificate. There are master’s degree programs created specifically for designers wishing to advance in theoretical studies (MA) or concentrate their work on a studio degree (MFA).

Graphic Design Salaries in Alta, Wyoming

Salaries for graphic designers are variable across the country, based on factors including experience, education, type of employer and geographical location. According to the BLS, the median national annual wage for graphic designers in 2014 was $45,900, while the top 10 percent of graphic designers earned over $77,490. Graphic designers with the highest salaries are generally those with advanced training and who work for specialized design firms.

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